Howling Raven Mosin Nagant Magazine Extension
Installation instructions for the Howling Raven Mosin-Nagant Magazine Extension w/ New 2nd Gen Spring

F or detailed instructions please see the pictures and videos below before installing the Howling Raven Mosin-Nagant Magazine Extension

To insure the best functionality it is best to break the mag extension in by cycling 10 rounds through it 3 to 5 times. If you get a bad cycle the first couple of times do not worry, just disconnect the extension, remove the rounds and start again. After a few times your extension should be cycling fine and the get even better with use. (YOU DO NOT need to install the wedge piece just for cycle testing but make sure you do install it before firing your rife.)
When you receive your Magazine Extension you will notice that it has been pre-coated on the inside with Frog Lube CLP. This is both for protection as well as function. We suggest that you do not remove of clean off the lube. Find out more about the use and benefits of Frog Lube CLP here:

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