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Portable stove that is perfect for Hikers, Campers and Emergencies at home. Can be used with our own Flamelite alcohol burners or with wood.
Flamelite BurnBox
List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Savings: $35.01


The Flamelite BurnBox is a multipurpose, multi-fuel survival stove that is perfect for hikers, campers, preppers and when used with the Flamelite Hiker or Ultra it makes a perfect emergency backup stove for your house if the power and/or gas goes out.

It can burn wood very effeciently and its large front opening allows you to load longer pieces of wood instead of having to constantly cut and load small, short twigs to keep the fire going. It also works great with all of our Flamelite alcohol burners as well as most 3rd party alcohol burners including Trangia alcohol burners, the original large Swiss brass alcohol burners, homemade soda can stoves and any alcohol burner whose diameter is less that 3.65 inches and no more than 2.5 inches tall.

Its 5-5/8" square cooking area allows you to use much larger cooking pots than most other camping/hiking stoves with out fear of your pot falling off but the internal cross braces also allow you to use even the smallest pots. The equally wide bottom insures a sturdy base of support that works well indoors and out.

5-5/8" wide / 3-6/8" tall / weighs 12.3oz (348 Grams)


WARNING: The stove is made out of stainless steel and gets very hot when in use. Handle with care and be sure to use it on top of something heat resistant if using indoors on a counter top, etc.